1. (i) To lead from darkness to light and to bring out all round development in te students.
  2. (ii) To provide value based higher education at an affordable lower cost to numerous students at the grass root level, economically down-trodden and belonging to weaker/backward section of our society.
  3. (iii) To acquaint the student to keep abreast of smart information, up-to-date knowledge regarding contemporary problems and to keep pace with the ever-growing challenges and ground realities of the contemporary competitive world.
  4. (iv) To inculcate the spirit of freedom & self-reliance among the students.
  5. (v) Development of academic skills, social skills and co-curricular activities.
  6. (vi) To create an aesthetic sense in the students.
  7. (vii) To provide able guidance in all discipline.
  8. (viii) To stimulate a rich and vibrant academic environment.
  9. (ix) To inculcate a sense of discipline in students.


  1. (i) To provide the rural based students all the facilities and privileges available in institution of higher learning in urban areas.
  2. (ii) To create opportunities for self-employment.
  3. (iii) To create a sense of civic responsibility.
  4. (iv) To promote creativity, sportsmanship and leadership.
  5. (v) To educate the economically backward community of the locality with emphasis on Women’s education.